Dear Fellow Citizens of North Miami Beach,

Our City is on the move. After years of facing tremendous financial challenges, we have turned the corner and are seeing improvements in every area of operations. From finances, to beautification, to crime, we are working hard to improve YOUR quality of life.

Let's be clear, in these hard times, most of us have been forced to do more, with less, both at work and at home. You probably are stretching the dollar further than you have in the past and you expect your city government to live by the same rules.

I want to assure you that we hear you and are taking action. Unlike others, I do not believe the solution is more taxes. The solution is to make sure the City delivers the best value for your hard-earned dollar.

As YOUR Mayor, I understand exactly how to do this while maintaining your essential services and without increasing your taxes.

Please help me as we work together to turn OUR city into the best place for our families and businesses.