Mayor George Vallejo

Delivering Progress and Good Government for North Miami Beach

Need Help from the City?

If you need help from the City, or want to report an issue in your neighborhood, click the button or else call us at 305-948-2986. TEAM NMB will be happy to help.

How Mayor Vallejo is Delivering Results

A Safer City

NMB Police is 100% staffed and properly equipped with the tools they need to keep our families safe at home and work. Crime rates are falling in all categories.

Fiscal Sustainability

Today NMB produces MORE results for the residents with LESS expenses and LOWER TAX RATES. Smart decisions have DOUBLED our cash reserves saved for a rainy day. All in just four years.

More Beautiful Neighborhoods

Thanks to citywide rezoning efforts, NMB is leading in the creation of "Live-Work-Play" areas offering today's residents and businesses the modern choices and conveniences they deserve.

Upgrading Our Parks

Our first-ever Parks Master Plan sets the road map and funding strategy to renew every one of our parks. We will provide a clean and safe recreational option within a short walk from every home in the City.

Governing the Right Way

We work for the people, not the other way around. By cutting unnecessary politics out of the decision-making process we are proving that it is possible to run a City the right way.

Improving Educational Options

Quality schools are imperative for successful neighborhoods. We have demanded major improvements at our local schools and have also brought the innovative SLAM Academy charter school to open here in 2017.


Meet the ALL STAR TEAM I rely on to move this City FORWARD!



Ana is the Chief Executive of the City and oversees all City operations. She is the one who makes things happen and carries out the City's Strategic Plan.



Jose serves as the General Counsel to the City and runs the Legal Department. He makes sure to protect the rights of all City stakeholders.



Pamela takes care of all official city records and elections. She keeps the public informed and ensures maximum transparency in our city government.



Nicole is the liaison between Mayor, the Administration and constituents. She is an invaluable problem-solver, communications director and organizer.



Mayor Vallejo has been a tireless advocate for the taxpayers, residents and businesses of North Miami Beach since first elected to office in 2011. He has been recognized statewide as an outstanding and innovative leader who has led a renaissance of new development, financial stability and government reform in his city. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker with a background in management, sales and finance and is also fluent in Spanish. He is a Purple Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, a licensed Private Pilot and an avid fisherman who loves spending time on the water with his wife and two sons. Mayor Vallejo also serves on several volunteer community boards including: Executive Board of Directors of the Miami-Dade County League of Cities, Board of Directors of the Florida Municipal Loan Council, Board of Trustees of the Aventura Hospital & Medical Center and the Board of Directors of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust

Contact the Mayor

  •   305-948-2986
  •   17011 NE 19th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 3312